Comparison of Kveik with Conventional Saccharomyces Brewing Strains for Propagation Characteristics, Biomass Production, and Biomass Conversion Rate​​

John C. Carriglio and Andrew J. MacIntosh. Food Science and Human Nutrition Department, University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA


Kveik is a promising yeast strain with growing importance in the brewing industry due to its vigor, temperature and ethanol tolerance, and ease of use. This research aimed to assess the sugar and free amino nitrogen (FAN) consumption, viable cell counts, and biomass production characteristics of Kveik compared with conventional brewing yeast strains over identical propagations. Propagations were performed in duplicate for a Kveik strain, a common ale yeast strain, and a common lager yeast strain. Sugar and FAN consumption were not shown to differ greatly between strains; however, Kveik produced higher viable cell counts over the course of the propagations. Kveik also produced more total biomass and had a higher biomass conversion rate than the conventional yeasts, making it a good candidate for industries that require large quantities of biomass production, such as animal feeds. This knowledge should help increase the commercial relevance of Kveik, especially when considering its positive sensory attributes, efficiency, and ease of use.

Keywords: biomass, Kveik, propagation, propagation rate

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