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Build Your Skills with Master Brewers courses. 2022 pricing ends December 31. 

​Master Brewers courses are now offered in a hybrid format of virtual and in-person instruction. All courses promote interactive learning and discussion with multiple subject-matter-experts in each specialty area -- and facilitate the broadening of your professional support network. ​

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​Courses Offered​

Planning for our upcoming courses is still underway. ​View a snapshot of what you will learn in each course below or click on the course name for an overview of the 2022 curriculum and what you might expect in 2023. 

Brewery Packaging Technology Course​

February 24 - April 21, 2023​

Strengthen your technical knowledge through all phases of the packaging process with practical tips and resources for hands-on application in your brewery. Topics include safety & cleaning, packaging, labels, brewery operations, quality controls, and data management.

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Brewery Maintenance Systems Course

​​June 9 - August 11, 2023

Expand your foundational knowledge in the maintenance and engineering technology principles and processes of brewing, utility, and packaging system design and operation. Use the information in this course to lead your facility in establishing appropriate brewery protocols and best practices for system troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, and operational improvement.

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Brewing and Malting Science Course ​

September 29 - December 1, 2023

Gain a greater understanding of the scientific principles, operations, and guide​lines associated with the brewing and malting process to increase your technical acumen. This course will delve into life sciences​​​ for brewers, malting, hops, safety, brewery operations, wort, sensory issues, and alternative beverages. ​
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