​​Brewpedia, The Master Brewers Brewing and Packaging Online Resource

​The Brewpedia project is a members only “how to” resource that will be constantly updated and enlarged as members contribute and build an encyclopedia of practical brewing knowledge. Brewpedia is constantly filling with short, concise instructional aids for all aspects of brewing and packaging. Who writes the articles? You Do. Have a procedure for yeast pitching, tank transfers, filtration, centrifuge operations, etc. that you can write up and share?  We are looking for short 2-3 page articles; feel free to include photos, web links, and video. Each contribution will be reviewed by the Editorial Committee who will work with contributors to assure content accuracy.   

How to Use Brewpedia  

You can access articles in the Brewpedia collection in two ways (must be logged in and be a current member):
  • View the table of contents and click on the category you are interested in to scan all available articles
  • Use the search engine feature to search the entire archive

How to Contribute to Brewpedia

Be part of Brewpedia and share your knowledge. Brewpedia emphasizes simple, straightforward information on specific subjects. Articles should be no more than three pages long but can include photographs, video and audio files, as well as website links. To contribute upload, your document by completing the submis​sion form. The article will be reviewed and once approved will be added to the compilation.