​​​​​Development of a Pra​ctical Tool for Estimating Risk of Can Pressure Failures during Tunnel Pasteurization

​MBAA TQ https://doi.org/10.1094/TQ-58-4-1213-01​  | VIEW ARTICLE

Jim Kuhr. BevSource, St. Paul, MN, USA


With the growing popularity of canned alternative beverages (such as hard seltzer) requiring tunnel pasteurization, many breweries and co-packers have discovered the hard way that the combination of higher CO2 specifications and higher pasteurization temperature requirements frequently exceed the design pressure limits of beverage cans, often resulting in pressure failures of the can. There were no specific references or tools that could determine the risk of can failure under current conditions, so one was developed. The data collection consisted of a heated water bath that simulated tunnel pasteurizers. The data collected provided for the creation of temperature and pressure charts that could be used by packaging departments to greatly reduce the risk of pressure-related can failures for their products.
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