“Flavor Hops” Varieties and Various Flavor Compounds Contributing to Their “Varietal Aromas”: A Review

​​​​MBAA TQ https://doi.org/10.1094/TQ-56-4-0930-01 | VIEW ARTICLE
Kiyoshi Takoi. Product & Technology Innovation Department, Sapporo Breweries Ltd., Japan
Until the last century, hops were classified as either aroma hops or bitter hops/high-alpha hops. During the last two decades, new types of hops have been bred and are widely used in not only craft breweries but also major breweries. Such hops impart characteristic fruity flavors to finished beers. These hops are often categorized as “flavor hops.” Beer made with flavor hops has a unique “varietal aroma” depending on each variety. In this review, several key flavor compounds (monoterpene alcohols, volatile thiols, and esters of branched-chain fatty acids) contributing to such varietal aromas are discussed. In addition, major flavor hop varieties and their flavor characteristics are summarized.

Keywords: beers, hops, flavor hops, varietal aromas, monoterpene alcohols, linalool, geraniol, β-citronellol, biotransformation, brewing yeast, volatile thiols, esters, β-eudesmol, geranic acid

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