MBAA TQ vol. 47 no. 3, 2010

​MBAA TQ doi:10.1094/TQ-47-3-0729-01
Liquid Desiccants for Minimum Refrigerant Charge in Breweries

Phil Rowland (1) and Bill Griffiths (2). 1. Niagara Blower Company, “No-Frost” Division, Buffalo, NY. 2. Humidity Control Consulting.

MBAA TQ doi:10.1094/TQ-47-3-0726-01
Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Bitter Sorghum for Bioethanol Production

E. D. Deenanath (1), S. E. Iyuke (1), and D. Lindsay (2). 1. School of Chemical and Metallurgical Engineering, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2. Fonterra Research Centre (FRC), Fitzherbert Science Centres, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

MBAA TQ doi:10.1094/TQ-47-3-0720-01
Are Plastic Bottles Ready to Replace Glass as a Beer Package?

Roland Folz and Ruslan Hofmann. VLB-Berlin, Berlin, Germany.