From the Publications Director

John Palmer. MBAA Publications Director.
We are in a golden age of brewing, with more breweries, brewers, and beers than ever before in the history of the earth. There are more equipment manufacturers, ingredient suppliers, and service industries than ever before. While the brewing paradigms may have shifted a bit in the past decades, the challenges facing brewers and suppliers have not lessened, and the need to share our knowledge is as strong as ever. I want to express my heartfelt thanks to every member who has shared his or her knowledge and experience with others at District meetings, conferences, in the TQ or other MBAA media, or simply across the lunchroom table. It all counts, and it all helps improve this organization. However, I want to see more of it in the TQ. The TQ is our best resource for disseminating and preserving our collective experience. Knowledge is one of the pillars of the MBAA philosophy: “to facilitate the exchange of knowledge of brewing technologies and encourage innovation.” District and conference presentations are always good, but I would encourage you to think of that as the first step. The second step is to incorporate any questions and feedback you may have received and write it up for the journal. After all, you probably searched the TQ when you were researching the material for your presentation!
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