From the Publications Director

John Palmer. MBAA Publications Director.
Welcome to issue 2 of volume 54 of the Master Brewers Technical Quarterly. This is my debut as your new Publications Director, and I hope to serve you well. The mission of the MBAA has always been about brewing, from the nuts and bolts of the brewing process to the nuts and bolts of the brew plant. We have learned so much about the brewing process in the last 100 years and have made huge advancements in brewing equipment as well. Technology and understanding will not stand still, and unless we—each of us—stay involved it can move away from us and we can be left behind. Therefore, it is imperative that we keep up and move with it. The best way to do that is by actively sharing information and advancements with each other. That is what this organization is all about, the sharing and advancement of the craft of brewing. This quarter, we have quite a spectrum of topics: an interview with Scott Ungermann of Anchor, a “who’s who” of bugs in the brewery from Eric Jorgenson, a student project on the process of creating a new beer product by Huddleston and Speers, and a case study for improving lautering efficiency from Eddie Gutierrez and Drew Russey. We have two detailed papers on the requirements and testing of sulfites in beer, one from Eric Samp and Dana Sedin, and the second from Maria Moutsoglou. We have a study of flash pasteurization times and temperatures from Roland Feilner and Thomas Oehmichen of Krones. Lastly, I have written a short back-to-basics article that points out the relationship between water-to-grist ratio and wort gravity. The Master Brewers Technical Quarterly is about sharing the information and innovation that improves our brewing and our beers. Hopefully, you are looking forward to future TQ issues as much as I am.
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