Flash Pasteurization of Filtered and Unfiltered Beer (Wheat Beer or Craft Made Beer) with One Heated Holding Tube: A Process Comparison with Shortened Heat Holding

MBAA TQ http://dx.doi.org/10.1094/TQ-54-2-0430-01 | VIEW ARTICLE
Roland Feilner and Thomas Oehmichen. Krones AG, Neutraubling, Germany.
Flash pasteurization of beer is an important tool for reliable extension of shelf life. In conjunction with a suitable hygienic filler, flash pasteurization constitutes a product-friendly alternative to tunnel or chamber pasteurizers. The haze- and taste-stabilizing effect of a flash pasteurizer, on wheat beer and craft-made beers, is also gaining steadily in perceived importance. Established industry guidelines for pasteurization units (PUs) specify the dimensions of the heated holding sections (30 s) and the heated holding temperatures (64–72°C). The question is whether these traditional parameters—using the analytical and technological options now available—actually constitute the optimum. The following article compares the results of a 30 s heated holding tube and a shorter one of 6 s. The article discusses the influence to heat, oxygen, and aging indicators and allows a detailed comparison between the processes and the beer quality.

Keywords: Flash pasteurizer, Colloidal stability, Haze stability, Flavor stability, Beer quality, Heated holding time

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