Important Aspects of Controlling Sulfur Dioxide in Brewing

Eric J. Samp (1) and Dana Sedin (2). 1. MillerCoors, Golden, CO, U.S.A. 2. New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO, U.S.A.
This paper discusses the relative importance of sulfur dioxide (SO2) to brewers because there are implications to beer quality, consumer health, and legal requirements. Overviews are provided on what SO2 is, its sources in beer, what quality parameters are impacted by SO2, what health implications are known, and labeling requirements. An overview of methodologies for measuring SO2 is given to educate brewers on the advantages and disadvantages of different methods with the aim to enlighten brewers to adopt a method that can be incorporated into their quality assurance program. Finally, an overview of published papers is summarized, along with general trouble-shooting guidelines for brewers to further their knowledge on controlling this critical yeast metabolite in their beers.
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