Interview with Jim Kuhr, Past President of the MBAA

Mark P. Sammartino. Past MBAA Technical Director.
In late 2015 Jim Kuhr took the oath of office as the president of the MBAA, replacing Tom Eplett and taking on a dynamic and quickly growing 128 year old association. Within the context of his tenure leading our organization we have seen some interesting events, changes, and challenges. As Jim departs to the role of past president, we see a prosperous and highly focused organization seeking new ways to constantly interface with and challenge its membership. As a long-term MBAA member, I cannot remember another period when the MBAA has had such a presence in and influence on the industry. With Roy Johnson now taking the reins as the new MBAA president, it is always insightful to ask our past presidents to look back on their role and what thoughts they have to help keep our organization focused on moving forward. Recently, I sat down with Jim, and we talked about his time in brewing and his history and outlook for the MBAA. I believe you will find this discussion interesting from many perspectives.
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