​​​Introduction to Volume 54, Number 1

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Mark Sammartino. Past MBAA Technical Director.
Welcome to the first issue of the 2017 Technical Quarterly. We are three short months into 2017, and it is already turning out to be an interesting year in our industry. We see new challenges and new opportunities. Growth and complexity continue, while new ideas and concepts appear regularly to help us move forward. Within the pages of the TQ we bring to you an array of articles from all aspects of the industry. We find our suppliers continuing to step up with offerings on new technologies such as ATP sanitation technology and new waste water treatment technology. Additionally, our suppliers bring us educational discussions on brewhouse water chemistry and beer clarification with centrifuges. We also find a couple articles on brewing raw materials with a discussion on hops, kilned versus roasted malt, and tannic acid. Also within this issue are two fairly technical peer-reviewed articles, one comparing various hop end products to their impact on lager beer flavor and aroma and another looking deeply into the flavor control of a specific yeast. The journal winds up with the winning case study from the Malting and Brewing School and an interview with Jim Kuhr, your current Past President.
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