Use of Tannic Acid in the Brewing Industry for Colloidal and Organoleptic Stability

Joseph A. Formanek (1) and Pieter Bonte (2). 1. Ajinomoto North America, 1300 N. Arlington Heights Road, Suite 110, Itasca, IL 60143, U.S.A. 2. Ajinomoto Omnichem, 91 Cooppallaan, 9230 Wetteren, Belgium.
As with any other food, from the time at which it is first produced, beer undergoes chemical and physical changes due to the aging process. Much research has gone into developing an understanding of why and how these changes happen, and certain biochemical pathways have been identified as being important for the aging process to occur. Owing to their chemical and physical attributes, it is suggested that the use of tannic acids in a brewing system can help combat those detrimental changes due to aging. This paper will discuss how tannic acid can deliver a product with both colloidal and flavor stability enhancement, thereby allowing the beer an extended shelf life. Besides these benefits, tannic acid can also deliver additional process benefits that will also be discussed.
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