​Maintaining Good Yeast Health: A Reflection from Practice

MBAA TQ http://dx.doi.org/10.1094/TQ-53-4-1122-01 | VIEW ARTICLE
Mark P. Sammartino. MBAA Technical Director.
Maintaining good yeast health, as reflected by water chemistry and grain selections, begins in the brewhouse. With a focus on the correct pH and free amino nitrogen in the brewhouse, a brewer can deal with the other aspects of process control with less concern. However, when moving into fermenting, the yeast type selected and handling methods contribute significantly to the success of a consistent process. Going deeper and considering oxygenation and pitch rates while looking for a means to ensure a consistent approach will pay dividends in reducing yeast stress. Finally, the methods of harvest and resultant yeast handling, especially when considering factors of time, temperature, agitation, and exposure of the yeast to oxygen, all play a role in maintaining good yeast health.

Keywords: FAN, Pitching, Yeast harvest