Beer Quote of the Season

As we have demonstrated with the launch of our MBAA Beer Steward Program, the influence of beer throughout all history is deeply ingrained and quite far-reaching.  Beer is a liquid relic, having been a part of human history for well over 4000 years.  Indeed, beer has its own story, and, each individual beer style has its own story. 

Our “Beer Quote of the Season” celebrates this rich, on-going, continuously unfolding history as it moves through time and across diverse cultures. Political leaders, humorists, historians, writers, and of course, that most prolific of all personalities… “Anonymous”… have all had something to say about Beer!  

Moving Into Winter, 2015

"Give My People Plenty of Beer, Good Beer and Cheap Beer, and You Will Have NO REVOLUTION"  
​                                                                                                                           Queen Victoria, English Monarch
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