Beer Donations

MBAA invites all brewers to donate their beer for the 2015 MBAA Annual Conference. Donated beer will be made available to our meeting attendees throughout the meeting, including at the hospitality room and receptions. We anticipate needing 500 cases of beer, so every case counts!

2015 Beer Donors:

AnheuserBusch.GIF BlackToothBrewingCo.jpg BoldCity.jpg BridgePort.jpg CigarCityBrewing.gif Deschutes.jpg DogfishHead.jpg Engine15.jpg EstrellaDamm.jpg FloridaBeerCo.png Harpoon.jpg Intuition.jpg Kona.png MillerCoors.JPG NewBelgium.jpg NOLABrewingCo.png Omission.jpg SamuelAdams.jpg Saranac.jpg ShinerBeers.jpg SierraNevada.jpg StoneBrewing.jpg Summit.jpg Trumer.JPG WidmerBros.jpg Yuengling.jpg

How to Donate

To make sure your shipment goes smoothly, please ship (or arrange a distributor drop) at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville Riverfront between 7:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. after September 30, 2015. The addess is:

2015 MBAA Conference
Hyatt Regency Jacksonville
Attn: Susan Wiley
+1 904.360.8673
225 East Coastline Drive
Jacksonville, Florida, USA, 32202

If you encounter any questions about shipping, please contact Susan Wiley at the Hyatt Regency Jacksonville at 904.360.8673.