Brewery Maintenance Systems Course​

Learning Objective

The Master Brewers Brewery Maintenance Systems Course is deep dive into the science, technology, engineering, and design of brewery systems, as well as maintenance practices, considerations of brewing and utility processes, and packaging systems. During this course, you will be exposed to individual key components that make up a brewery’s many processing systems and learn to recognize the attributes that can be utilized to optimize, troubleshoot, and maintain them.

This course gives you:

  • An ability to save your brewery time and money with a thorough understanding of best practices in system maintenance
  • The opportunity to develop specific protocols to troubleshoot and maintain equipment
  • A greater understanding of the scientific principles associated with brewery processes and packaging systems
  • An operational understanding, recommended guidelines, and considerations associated with the primary disciplines of brewery systems engineering
  • A bi-directional exchange of ideas with more than 20 industry experts and your fellow students
  • Applied learning of course concepts through hands-on collaborative case study projects
  • Lifelong connections and networking with fellow students, peers, and instructors
  • Long-term access to an extensive archive of reference and best practice materials

Real-Life Scenarios

We’ll focus on brewery processes, equipment, and transfer systems. Using real-life examples and issues, you will be able to discuss and solve common problems that arise in everyday situations. Utilize best practices tried and tested by industry experts to ensure all goes smoothly both in your course case study and back home at your brewery.

You will return home with the following: a better perspective on the industry; a clearer understanding of the why’s and how’s of brewing, utility, packaging systems, engineering, maintenance, and technology; and a greater ability and confidence to tackle on-the-job issues using proven methods and solutions demonstrated in the course. One of the most important takeaways is the expanded network of peers and subject matter experts you will be able to continue to reach out to for assistance after the course.

Recommended Background

Students attending the class should have:

  • An understanding of mathematics and sciences at the high school level
  • An interest as to why and how brewery processes and equipment work
  • A basic understanding of engineering and operational technologies
  • A willingness to learn and engage in a classroom environment

If a prospective student has the motivation and interest, these recommended prerequisites should not be considered a barrier to attend.

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