2024 Course Dates & Format

The Brewing and Malting Science Course consists of six weeks of virtual instruction (self-paced with weekly live discussion sessions on Fridays) and a week of in-person instruction with tours, group projects, and hands-on practice. Attendees must complete the virtual and in-person components of the course.

Virtual Learning: September 5 - October 24, 2024​
In-Person Learning: November 3 - 8, 2024 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Course Director

Rob McCaig - M.Sc., Fellow of the Institute of Brewing and Distilling

Rob McCaig comes to the role of course director (CD) having retired in 2019, with over 40 years in the brewing industry. He has always had a passion for brewing education, serving as technical chairman and president of the ASBC and MBAA, as well as sitting on the board of examiners for the Institute of Brewing and Distilling for over ten years.

Since 2020 he has brought incredible experience and energy to our Brewing and Malting Cou​rse community. He says he enjoys the role because it allows him to meet, interact and learn from the next generation of brewers that attend our program.

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Course Schedule​

*The 2024 schedule will be posted when it is finalized. Use the 2​023 schedule to get a feel for the topics and scope of this course. 

Course Testimonials

"The Brewing and Malting Science course was a comprehensive, well-designed top to bottom approach to the business of making beer."
— Ryan Turner, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

"I learned some very useful things about brewhouse operations and yeast propagation and management"
— Trace Redmond, Highland Brewing Company

"If you want to know the "Why?" behind what you as a brewer do, this course is for you."
— 2023 Course Attendee

"I would take this course without hesitation. The knowledge you will gain and the network you will create will be invaluable to your future career in the industry."
— 2023 Course Attendee

"This was a fantastic experience! I can't recommend this course enough to others in this industry."
— 2023 Course Attendee

Course Summary

As a student in the Brewing and Malting Science Course, you will benefit from the experience and wisdom of more than 20 subject matter experts (SMEs) in the field. SMEs leverage their training and professional expertise to teach the technical side of the brewing and malting process.

In this hybrid course, you'll learn, discuss, and interact with instructors and classmates for six weeks online, and then gather in person for five days of collaborative learning, demonstrations, and tours at the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN.

Featured Topics​

  • Life Sciences for Brewers: Water, brewing microbiology, yeast
  • Malting: Malting barley, malt plant operations, malt analyses, specialty malts, flavor and aroma
  • Hops: Hop production, pellets, extracts, dry hopping
  • Safety: Cleaning & sanitizi​ng, workplace health and safety, food safety
  • Brewery: Design and operations, automation, cellar operations, filtration, effluent management
  • Wort: Milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, aeration​
  • Sensory: Flavor stability, beer sensory
  • Alternative Beverages: Seltzers, N.A., and cannabis in beer​

Key Takeaways

  • Greater understanding of the scientific principles a​nd operational guidelines associated with the main brewing and malting disciplines.
  • Increased ability to troubleshoot problems that arise in the brewing process.
  • A broader network of support within the brewing industry.

Skill Building th​rough Real-Life Scenarios & Expert Collaboration​

  • Learn to conduct guided discussions and solve common brewing and malting problems through real-life examples and scenarios led by SMEs.
  • Gain best practi​ces from brewery experts that you can immediately apply within your own brewery.
  • Takeaway a more complete perspective on your industry with greater confidence to tackle on-the-job issues​ by developing a clearer understanding of brewing, utility, packaging systems, engineering, maintenance, and technology.
  • Expand your peer network and foster relationships with Subject Matter Experts that can assist and support you long after the course ends.

Course Requirements

  1. ​Both the virtual and in-person components of the course are required to receive a certificate of completion.
  2. The virtual portion of the course requires a significant time commitment. Students must be able to:

    • ​Dedicate 10-12 hours per week for virtual coursework.
    • Set aside time from work to participate in the live, online discussion sessions taking place 1:00 - 4:00 pm Central Time on Fridays during the six weeks of virtual learning (it is not possible to work while attending these interactive virtual sessions)​.

  3. By registering for this course you agree to abide by the Master Brewers Behavior Policy.

Virtual Requirements

  • Independent learning: virtual lesson videos and assignments (8-10 hours per week*)
  • Participation in the Brewing and Malting ​Course Community: interact with classmates and subject matter experts (1-2 hours per week*)
  • Live virtual discussion/ Q&A sessions
    • 1:00-4:00 pm Central Time on Fridays
    • Students are expected to take time off from their job to participate in the live discussion sessions

In-Person Requirements

  • Travel to Minneapolis, MN
    • Travel costs are covered by the student
    • A hotel room and two meals per day are included in the tuition
  • Participate in collaborative learning, demonstrations, networking, and facility tours
  • Summative small group project: synthesize and apply learning

Time commitments are estimates. The actual time may vary from week to week and person to person.

Course Cost

Included with Tuition

  • Lodging accommodations at the in-person class site in Minneapolis
  • Two meals per day during in-person class times​
  • On-site tours​
  • Opening and closing banquets for the in-person week
  • Educational materials and job aids
  • Networking and relationship-building activities​

​Registration Type

​Tuition (Room & Board Inclusive)

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Is This Course Right for Me?

Students that are the most successful in learning from and completing this course are:

  • willing to invest time and effort to deepen their understa​nding of brewery processes and equipment
  • open to sharing their own experiences
  • interested in expanding their professional network
  • dedicated learning in a virtual and in-person classroom environment.

Our course curriculum assumes that you have at least some experience working in or supporting the brewing industry as well as a high school-level understanding of mathematics and science, and a basic understanding of engineering and operational technologies. If this doesn't describe you – no worries! You can still benefit from the course if you are willing to engage with new material, ask for support from your instructors or peers, and dedicate extra time to the educational materials (as needed).

Cancellations & Refunds

Only the first 55 applications accompanied by the tuition fee, paid in full (US funds only), will be accepted. Course tuition includes educational materials, breakfast and lunch on days of instruction, opening and closing banquets, and accommodations. Cancellations received by Master Brewers Headquarters on or before August 24, 2024, will be issued a credit equal to the registration fee, less $100 processing fee, which will be good for two years toward any Master Brewers continuing education program. Notices of cancellation after August 24, 2024, will not be eligible for a refund. Master Brewers reserves the right to cancel the course if a sufficient number of registrations are not received by August 24, 2024. If Master Brewers cancels this course, your registration fee will be refunded in full. In the event Master Brewers cancels this course, Master Brewers is not liable for nonrefundable airfares or ticket change penalties imposed by the airlines. By registering for this course, you agree to the cancellation and refund terms and conditions.

Questions? Email mbaa@mbaa.com or call +1 (651) 454-7250.​