About District Ontario​

District Ontario is both "the Master Brewers Association of Canada" (MBAC) and the "Master Brewers' Association of the Americas - district Ontario." Historically, the MBAC was constituted in 1914 and then affiliated with the larger MBAA in 1935, as "MBAA - District Ontario." we believe Ontario is unique in its dual character, preserving a sense of a separate past while being strongly linked to the larger organization and very actively participating in it.

In addition to its widely acclaimed Ontario Technical Conference held every January, the MBAC provides several technical and social functions a year for brewing professionals and their allied industries in the spirit of dedication to the preservation and advancement of the art and science of brewing and the profession of the master brewer. Our membership is mainly composed of people from Ontario, Canada although we also have members who live outside Ontario.

Information about events both in District Ontario and in other MBAA districts may be found by following the events calendar link. Application for membership should be made by following the link at the left, "Join/Renew." On acceptance, membership in the MBAA will automatically follow.


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