District Scholarships

​MBAC District Ontario Education Committee Scholarship

The Education Committee of District Ontario is offering a scholarship to any of the three
(brewing, packaging or engineering) two week short courses offered by the MBAA in
Madison, Wisconsin. There are three different Scholarships offered by the MBAA which
can be found on their website (www.mbaa.com) however, our proposed eligibility will be
slightly different than for the MBAA Scholarship as follows:

Successful candidates for the U. S. MBAA Scholarship will not be eligible for the
MBAC District Ontario Scholarship.
The value of the scholarship is USD$4,345 (approximately CDN $5,800) which
includes tuition and 2/3 board. Applicants must be committed to financing all other
ancillary costs, including transportation, involved with the course.
We encourage all applicants to apply for the MBAC District Ontario Scholarship
and the three available MBAA Scholarships.
are similar for all and this will increase the chances for applicants to receive a scholarship
with little extra burden.

Applicants for the MBAC District Ontario Scholarship should apply by sending
their application to:

BSG Canada
C/O Shelley Beirnes, MBAC Education Committee
35 Cooper Drive, Unit 1
Guelph, ON
N1C 1C3
Email at: shelley@bsgcanada.com

Winner of the MBAC District Ontario Scholarship will be announced at the Ontario
Technical Conference January 26, 2018.

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