​​​​Educational Resources​​

Master Brewers is pleased to provide educational resources to help pave the way toward greater diversity, equity and inclusiv​ity. ​ This list is a collection of resources made available by the Master Brewers and our BRU Coalition partners, the ASBC, Brewers A​ssociation, Cicerone ​Certification Program and the Pink Boots Society.

Bean to Barstool Episode 16: Cultural Beer Language with Dr. J‪. podcast

Brewing with a Social Mission - Bringing Peace Through Prosperity Webinar

Changing the Conversation in Workplace Mental Health Webinar

Cultivating Diversity in Beer & Beyond Ren Navarro presentation at Master Brewers District Ontario (aud​io)

Developing a Diverse Employment Pipeline Webinar | ®Brewers Association

Diversity & Inclusion--Where are we really at? WBC C​onnect 2020 Workshop

Dr. J​ Jackson-Beckham, Principal, Crafted for All, 2021 Master Brewers Conference Closing Session Keynote Speaker

​​​​Fans, Hands, and Brands: Strategies and Tactics for Being Inclusive and Building Diversity in Craft Beer Webinar

Garrett Oliver, Brewmaster, The Brooklyn Brewery, 2​021 Master Brewers Conference Opening Session Keynote Speaker

Gender decoder tool to find subtle bias in job ads

Getting Serious About Outcomes (Or Why Good Intentions Don’t Matter) Webinar | ®Brewers Association

Inclusive Hiring and Retention Master Brewers Webinar

Introduction to the Master Brewers Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Committee​

​Let’s talk about diversity: Why it should matte​r to everyone Webinar​​​​

Master Brewers 2021 Conference DEI Technical Session Including​:

  • Diversity 101: Why It Matters, Ren Navarro, Beer.Diversity
  • Beyond DEI: Systemic Challenges to the Future of Craft Beer, Samuel Chawinga South Los Angeles Beverage Company
  • Supporting Diversity, Equality and Inclusion Through Formation of Employee Resource Groups, Matthew De Miranda, Odell Brewing Co; Andrew Magana, Odell Brewing Co

Master Brewers 2021 Conference Workshop: Hiring and Retention in the Brewery - Growing Stronger Through a DEI Lens

​​​​Preventing Sexual Harassment: A Three-Part Webinar Series | ®Brewers Association​

Staying Healthy During the COVID-19 Pandem​ic Webinar

Bullying Prevention​

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