​​​Master Brewer's Webinar: Inclusive Hiring and Retention

Broadcast Date: ​February 2, 2022​

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Webinar Summary

In order to build a strong team and a welcoming workplace, you need the right team - but how do you determine who those people are, and how do you help them find your brewery? Racial justice professional Ren Navarro will dig into the details of hiring and retention and answer your questions about how DEI concepts can (and should) impact your hiring processes. She will also discuss compensation structures, workplace diversity committees, and some of the common and easily avoidable mistakes that a manager might make with hiring new staff, choosing vendors, or redesigning your space. By the end of the hour, you’ll be ready to start your next round of hiring with a refreshed perspective!

Looking to review some DEI basics? Check out the previsous​ MBAA Diversity webinar

Attendees Will:

  • ​Develop a deeper understanding of why building a diverse team isn’t just a goal for the hiring committee, it’s a goal for everyone
  • Refresh their perspective on the way we think about building a safe, inclusive, and just workplace

About the Presenter


Ren Navarro
​Beer. ​Diversity

With nearly a decade of experience in the alcohol industry, a passion for encouraging personal and professional growth, and her trademark wit, Ren Navarro is here to educate, enlighten, and engage. Since launching Beer. Diversity. in 2018, Ren has become a known name at breweries, wineries, distilleries, and beyond. She has given talks on diversity and inclusion at several colleges and countless festivals, panels, radio shows, and podcasts throughout North America. In addition to being a diversity educator, she is a craft beer consultant for bars and restaurants in Ontario and an educator for countless businesses throughout the country.

Beer. Diversity. is more than just a company that educates, it's a resource built from the passion and love of the industry to do better and be better. Navarro's experience in public speaking and history in the drinks world alongside her perspective as a queer Black woman makes her an essential voice in the work and outreach involved in creating a welcoming and diverse environment for beverage producers and imbibers of all backgrounds. Taking steps. Wanting change. Having the desire and the tools to put in the work to be an agent of change. That's what Beer. Diversity. is about.

Together we can do better.​

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