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June 22, 2012, 08:00-17:30

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We are excited to announce that MBAA-Rocky Mountain District has scheduled the 2012 all day Technical Summit on Friday, June 22, 2012, 08:00-17:30. The event will include seven oral presentations covering the topics of Health, Packaging Equipment Cleaning, Beer Flavor, Education, Cellaring, Business Entrepreneurship and Brewery floor coatings. There will be a display of 12 posters with a variety of topics of interest for both large and small breweries. In addition, vendors and sponsors will have display tables for company products. This event will be held in the main Ballroom at the Lory Student Center, Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. The attendees will enjoy socializing at Odell Brewing Company at the end of the day. There will be a limited number of discounted rooms available on the CSU campus hotel. Please reserve the day and look for more information about registration during the week of April 16.

Meeting Minutes

District Rocky Mountain held its Technical Summit at Colorado State University in Fort Collins on June 22nd, sponsored by the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and the Beverage Business Institute. The day’s program included seven technical talks, breakfast and lunch, numerous breaks throughout the day to peruse 12 technical posters and converse with vendors and sponsors, and ended with a BBQ social at Odell Brewing Company. Ten different breweries contributed beer to be served throughout the day.

Dean Jeff McCubben kicked off the day by welcoming the attendees to Colorado State University. He announced in his address that the fermentation science program is hoping by this time next year to have a microbrewery complete with laboratories at the Lory Student Center, attached to the Ramskeller bar.

Following the dean’s address, the presentations began with Norm Klapper, who spoke about “Urethane Cements or Epoxy Coatings as Flooring in a Brewery.” His well-organized presentation compared and contrasted the various floor coatings available for brewery use and their applications. Next up was Bob Ogren, on “Advancements in Automation.” His presentation focused on automation in filler sanitation, and the advantages in time savings and efficacy of cleaning areas that are hard for operators to reach.

Following a poster session break, Professor Jack Avens spoke about “Insights into Developing and Teaching an Academic Undergraduate Brewing Science and Technology Course at Colorado State University.” He talked about the process of creating a brewing curriculum, as well as the demographics of the students who enroll in the class, and the various ways that local breweries get involved in the educational process. Following Professor Avens was a talk on “Global Beer Tasting Opportunities.” Marie Pohler of FlavorActiv was scheduled to give the lecture, but was unable to attend. Yannick Ford of Barth Innovations was able to step in on her behalf. The presentation covered some specifics about increasing consumer sophistication and what brewery sensory departments can do to stay ahead of customers.

After lunch, Troels Prahl’s presentation, “Bag it up – Flexible Vessels in Brewing” covered the many uses for flexible plastic vessels in brewing -- everything from yeast propagation to packaging. Many people in the audience posed questions about the recyclability and compostability of these products. Following Troels’ talk, Assistant Professor Jairam Vanamala presented “Lyophilized Beer: A banquet of bioactive compounds for human health,” about the many compounds in beer that have salubrious effects. After one final poster session break, Professor Jim Francis from the College of Business gave the final presentation on “Brewers as Entrepreneurs.” He discussed the many personality traits necessary to be an entrepreneur, and their relevance in the beer industry.

After the presentations were complete, the technical presenters were thanked for speaking and presented with an engraved mug from the Rocky Mountain District. Also the poster presenters were thanked for their contributions with a book about Fort Collins, the host city. Finally, Technical Chairman Finn Knudsen was presented with an engraved mug by the district for all the hard work he put in to organize the Summit. The day concluded with a social hour at the Odell Brewing Company where a BBQ dinner was provided.

The next meeting of District Rocky Mountain will at the Rockyard Brewery in Castle Rock on August 8th. Details and registration can be found at

Tamar Banner
Publicity Chair
Master Brewers Association of the Americas - District Rocky Mountain
July 7, 2012