Grand Lake Brewing Company

​September 24-26, 2010
Out-of-Towner Meeting
Grand Lake, Colorado


MBAA RMD Out-of-Towner Meeting


Friday, September 24
Sunday, September 26, 2010


Grand Lake Brewing Co.
915 Grand Avenue
Grand Lake, CO 80447
Ph: 970-627-1711;


$30/member couple; $20/ member
and $45/ non-member

Make checks payable to MBAA & send to
Jonathan Kemp
3819 Granite Ct.
Ft. Collins, CO 80526
Covers cost of pub crawl (Fri.)
& picnic (Sat.)


by Tuesday, September 7, 2010. Late registration add $20.00.


Rapids Lodge and Restaurant:
(rooms from $85.00 - $185.00, no discounts available) or visit

Directions to Winding River Resort

For those of you who haven't had an opportunity to go to an "out-of-towner" meeting, you have missed what is considered to be the highlight of our MBAA-RMD year. Look at the photos from the past OOT meetings on our special MBAA-RMD member’s only web page on BCI’s web site The picnic/BBQ put on by your entertainment chair, Steve Woodward, is fantastic. It is also your chance to unseat the past 5 years reigning horseshoe champs, Steve Presley and Gary Dick! So mark it down on your calendar now and make your plans to attend. We strongly encourage you to make your hotel reservations soonest possible and RSVP now.

A rough schedule of events:

Friday evening


~ 16:30 PM - E-Board Meeting
~ 18:30 PM - Social gathering at Grand Lake Brewing Co. . Hors d’ouvres - tbd??
~ 19:30 PM - we will be taking a shuttle to ?? (pub crawl? )
or stay at Grand Lake Brewing Co .– tbd!

Saturday morning


– 08:00 AM - Meeting and technical presentations at Grand Lake Brewing CO.
– 11:30 AM - Carpool to Grand Lake Brewery and see the brewing operations

Saturday afternoon


~12:30 PM - Carpool to Winding River Resort  for BBQ , beer tastings, horseshoe competition, lots of fun, etc

Saturday evening


– Evening - ?? - tbd

Samples of your fellow member’s favorite beers will be available throughout the meeting as donated by the various attending breweries.


08:00 - 08:30


08:30 - 08:50

Presentation #1 - Eric Kohl

08:50 - 09:20

Presentation #2 – Eric Samp

09:20 - 09:45

Refreshment Break/Announcements re BBQ

09:45 - 10:30

Presentation #3 - Anders Kissmeyer

10:30 - 11:00

General Discussions

11:00 - 11:30

Presentation #4 – Jason Osicka

11:30 - 11:50

Presentation #5 - Mrs. Karen Wood

11:50 - 13:00

Brewery visit

13:00 – ???

Trip to Winding River Resort around 13:00 – ???
For BBQ, Horseshoe Competition, etc.

Presentation #1

Eric Kohl, Brewer
Grand Lake Brewing Co., 10863 US Highway 34, Grand Lake, CO 80447
Ph: 970-531-9203

Brewing in Paradise
The challenges of brewing and packaging
in a mountain town with an elevation of 8369 feet above sea level

The challenges of brewing away from a real municipality will be discussed. The presentation will cover the issues of having to operate this brewery, since there are no access to paved roads, 3-phase power, local refrigeration technical support, local welders, etc..

All materials must be brought up from Denver regardless of weather or road conditions.
The brewery is furthermore faced with lack of skilled laborers, and having to work in a commercial building that is not really a good fit for a brewery. Among other special issues are having to deal with the rather hostile Utility companies, which makes the operation of this brewery a special challenge.

C.V. - Brief:
Eric attended Sam Houston State University from 1989 to 1992 majored in microbiology and psychology. Then attended Texas Culinary academy 1992-1993.and worked as a chef until 1994 when Eric had his first brewing job at the Bitter End Brewing Co. Austin, Texas as an assistant in the cellar area. He left in 1995 to move away from the heat and arrived in Denver at the Champions Brewing Co. working there until July 1996.Afterwards Eric worked in the cellar area at the Great Divide Brewing Co., but left in September 1996 to take the head brewer job at One Keg Brewhouse where he worked until December 1998, when the business was closed. Meanwhile, Eric built Majestic Brewing in Louisville Co. which was a side job so to speak. In January 1999 Eric took the head brewer job at H.C. Berger in Fort Collins and remained there until the state seized it in June 2002. Erik then moved to Grand Lake to build the brewery Grand Lake Brewing Co. and have been there since.


Presentation #2:

Eric J. Samp, Ph.D., MillerCoors Corporate Quality
MillerCoors, BC600, 12th and Ford Streets, Golden, CO 80401
Ph: 303.277.6092;

Practical and Theoretical Aspects of Sulphur Dioxide Production and Control with Lager Yeast

Sulphur dioxide is an important metabolite formed by lager yeast during fermentation and is a critical parameter in beer to control for various reasons (flavor, flavor stability, physical stability, and legal requirements to name a few). This presentation will review the biochemistry of SO2 formation by yeast and discuss what is known today on how to control sulphite production. These include wort oxygenation, wort clarity and arguments on nutritional vs physical effects of solids in fermentation, lipids and which ones and perhaps why, fermentable carbohydrates, wort FANs and S-amino acids, zinc, fermentation temperature, yeast pitch rates, and yeast health. For the craft brewer, simple diagnostic tools will be discussed as possible ways to trouble shoot what could be driving SO2 production. Finally, some theoretical views on why sulphur dioxide is produced by yeast will be presented.

C.V. - Brief:
Eric Samp holds a Ph.D. in applied statistics from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and also a M.Sc. in Brewing and Distilling from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh. He has held a variety of positions within Coors, MolsonCoors, and MillerCoors as a brewing quality engineer, technical brewer, and a brewing QA manager. He has published in various brewing journals (Tech Q., ASBC, JIB, BDI) and presented at various conferences. He is a recipient of the Eric Kneen Memorial Award and serves on both editorial review boards for both the MBAA and IBD. Eric is also a 6 Sigma Master Black Belt.


Presentation #3:

Anders Kissmeyer, Master Brewer M.Sc.
Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing, Copenhagen, Denmark
Ph: + 45 29 24 94 32; E-mail:

Craft Brewing in Denmark – A personal Story

The brewing scene in Denmark has undergone a revolution like the one seen in the US, too. Only, in Denmark a world record in number of breweries per capita and a 4 % craft volume market share was achieved in 7 -8 years against 30 in the US!

Anders Kissmeyer has been part of this revolution from the beginning as the founder of Nørrebro Bryghus. With the outset in Nørrebro Bryghus, Anders will share the background, the facts, the philosophies behind both the overall Danish craft scene, as well as the specifics of Nørrebro Bryghus’ unique beer and food concept and their award winning beers.

A look towards the future and some thoughts on the exchange of beer culture between the US and Denmark will round of the presentation.

C.V. - Brief:
Anders Kissmeyer is since early 2010 in charge of his own brewing, consulting and communications company, Kissmeyer Beer & Brewing. From 2001 to 2010 Anders was the entrepreneur, then Brewer & CEO and finally the Brewery Director at Nørrebro Bryghus until financial difficulties forced the company to let him go.

Educated as an M.Sc. in both Chemical Engineering and in Brewing, Anders spent the first 16 years of his brewing carrier with Carlsberg, working mainly within the field of international quality - and process management, so Anders has both his heart and his two feet firmly planted in both segment of the brewing industry.

Anders has served/serves on the Council of the EBC, on the board of the Danish Brewer’s Association, is a long time teacher at his old brewing school, The Scandinavian School of Brewing, he is the current technical editor of The Scandinavian Brewer’s Review, and he has a long record as a beer judge at the World Beer Cup, the GABF and the BIIA (Brewing Industry International Awards).


Presentation #4:

Jason Osicka, Process Mechanical Engineer
Barry-Wehmiller Design Group, Loveland, Colorado
Ph: 303.898.5463; E-mail: ;

Packaging Line Design – The Craft Beer Market

The presentation will touch upon basic design and layout considerations for a small packing line, producing 100-200bpm, simple automation considerations, and present line layout examples from the soda and wine industries, which is analogous to the beer industry. This presentation will provide sufficient information when a brewer is considering purchasing and installing new and or reconditioned equipment from vendors based on your project parameters.

C.V. - Brief:
Jason has been working as a process engineer with Barry-Wehmiller Design Group (BWDG) for 5 years. During this time he has worked for Hain Celestial Seasonings, Anheuser-Busch, Miller-Coors, E&J Gallo, Unilever, Pepsi Bottling Group, Dairy Farmers of America, Campbell Soup, Pom Wonderful, and Kroger. Jason has been instrumental in developing the Process Mechanical in the Western Region division. Before joining BWDG he was a process/packaging engineer with Leprino Foods in Denver. He as extensive knowledge in the dairy and cheese processing industry and has several registered patents at Leprino Foods. As a leader in the Processing Technical Services division at Leprino he designed many USDA/3A approved product conveyors, powder conveying systems, and CIP systems.

Most recently he has spent past 8 months working on a new process installation for Hain Celestial Seasonings in Boulder. Currently, he is working for Anheuser-Busch Fort Collins as a process engineer in the finishing cellar.

After Jason had been four years in the US Navy he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado.

Presentation #5:

Karen Wood, co-owner
The Grand Lake Brewing Co., 915 Grand Avenue, Grand Lake, CO 80447
Ph: 970-627-1711

The Little Brewery That Could

The step by step progression of building a brewery:
Grand Lake Brewing started with a 3 barrel system in a small location. After 4 years, it was time to start packaging so the 3 barrel system was increased to a 7 barrel system and bottling line in the same small location. Karen and Richard Wood have learned a great deal about beer and the process of brewing beer as time has progressed.

Next the brewhouse and tanks were moved to a commercial building and the Grand Lake Brewing Company is now operating on a 15 barrel system. The financial burden was shouldered by Karen and Richard Wood alone and while it might have been easier to take on partners and/or investors, Karen and Richard kept increasing the brewhouse size as money would allow. The Grand Lake Brewing Company, while still struggling with growing pains, is now distributing throughout Colorado. Everyone involved, employees and owners, have contributed by being creative and cooperative with time, ideas and hard work.

C.V. - Brief:
Karen graduated from the University of Kansas City, Missouri with a Bachelors degree in Sociology and Psychology and a minor in Business. Karen worked in the food industry throughout high school and college and learned restaurant service and management. After college, Karen assisted in the opening of a resort restaurant in upstate New York. Karen managed the restaurant in New York for one season and then moved to Colorado.

Karen and her husband and business partner of 28 years, Richard, have owned and operated four businesses. Two businesses were sold, one after 15 years of ownership and other after 26 years of ownership.

In 2002, Karen and Richard were looking for a new business venture in Grand Lake, Colorado and began the journey of the Grand Lake Brewing Company.