MBAA Holiday Social 2015.jpg
MBAA Holiday Social with the Detroit Barons 2015


John Stewart, Marty Rapnicki, Chas Thompson, Dave Turner & Paul Popa

Scholarship winners (Brewery Engineering and Utilities Course. John won through National and the rest won at the Annual District Summer Social held in July)


Dark Horse Brewery Quarterly Meeting March 2015

Board Members 2015.jpg
2015 Board Members, Boyne Highlands Winter Conference -John Stewart (Secretary & Technical Chair) John Mallett (Board of Governors) Paul Popa (President) Debbie Smith (Vice President & Publicity Chair) Ken Belau (Treasurer) and Eric Kuhnhenn (Past President)

Winter Conference 2015.jpg
Winter Conference 2015, Boyne Highlands

20140313_131318 (2).jpg
Founders Brewery, March 2014 Meeting

Paul Popa 2014.jpg 

 Paul Popa (Tri-City Brewery & District President 2015) Lecture on Chemical Handling. March 2014 Meeting


Winter Conference 2014B.jpg 
Winter Conference 2014 (Adam Berratta, Martin Rapnicki, Tom Buchanan and Paul Popa)
Griffin Claw 2013.jpg 
Griffin Claw Brewery, Meeting 2013


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