General Meeting, Thursday March 10, 2011

Red Salamander
​902 E. Saginaw
Grand Ledge MI 48837



Board Meeting








General Meeting




Technical speaker will be Dave Duff regarding pasteurization principles. Review the presentation

For directions or more information please call the Red Salamander at 517-627-2012

Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order by President Rex Halfpenny at 2:42pm
In attendance were: Marty Rapnicki, Eric Kuhnhenn, Bret Kuhnhenn, Rex Halpenny, John Haggerty,Paul Popa, Jon Stewart, Keith Boneburg, Jake Mohney, Debbie Smith, Alec Mull, Konrad Connoer, David Clemons, Nathan Schroeder, Jim Garber, Tim Lozen, Louwrens Wildschut, Todd Parker, Chas Thompson, Jeff Carter, Dan Kiplinger, John Mallett, Bill Wamby, Jim Dunham.

Rex thanked Dave once again for his talk on pasteurization Rex also welcome new member Jim Dunham. He also thanked past Presidents Marty Rapnicki, Alec Mull and John Mallet for the years of service and presented Marty with a new MBAA ball cap for his service to the District over the last eight years.
Rex summarized the history of District Michigan and that it is unique be made up of all craft brewers. He reminded us that the MBAA stands for education of brewers.

Since Secretary Ken was not at the meeting the motion to accept the minutes as emailed was made by Rex. Conrad accepted 2nd by Marty.

 Treasurer Report  by John H. John said we have $7233.07 in Checking we paid out $1500 to the Michigan Brewers Guild for the Winter Conference also paid $400 for the new speaker system. Deposit was $460 for District dues and Marty Rapnicki from BARTS and the Mid Michigan Beer Festival donated $600 form this year’s festival to the District. Marty thanked all breweries that attended and hope to get more next year. John went on to say we made .19 cents in interest and the CD is $8285.73.

V.P Report by Eric K.  Eric is working on a sell sheet for new members. The idea of inviting a guest to the Oct. meeting for $10 was accepted. Also the idea of the Board to call members who no longer come to the meeting was made. Sell sheet is for the owners, membership is about the brewers and their education.

Board of Governors Report by John Mallet Board of Governors Representative No Activity.

PR Chair Report. Deb Smith is updating the web site all the breweries that our members.

Technical Committee Report by Keith Boneburg sitting in for Ken. Keith says Ken has speaker for the Oct. meeting but needs to confirm it. Keith is also taking over the Technical chair from Ken.

 Old Business
We are looking for a person to assume the responsibilities of Summer Social Chair. If, you would like to help with the summer social and be the chair person let Rex know. Eric and Bret Kuhnhenn went out and look for a speaker system for the District they found a nice one for $400 with two cordless mics and two lapel mics.  We ran out of travel mugs for speaker gifts, the new gifts will be ball caps with the MBAA logo on the front the “District Michigan” on the back.

Rex has been talking with Beth at National and since we are the only District awarding a scholarship to the Brewing course or the packaging course we can let them know by the end of July which one the winner would like to attend. If, someone is dealing with a supplier that does not sponsor the summer social please ask them to do so. Sponsors are the way we can send a winner to the class. Retailers of craft beer were also mentioned (Buffalo Wild wings). We are in need of beer swag for the Auction at the summer social if you have anything to donate let Rex know. There was talk about going to a joint meeting with Ohio, Indiana, Illinois or even Texas, the idea to invite them to the winter conference was carried.  The National is having a site at the Craft Brewers Conference in San Francisco. Rex is looking into how to send Michigan beer their.

 New Business
Send any idea’s on technical topics to the new chair Keith Boneburg at this years Summer Social is at the same park Fitzgerald Park in Grand Ledge there is a $3 fee to get in but its family and pet friendly. Bret K. is making an official MBAA corn whole game for this year. Hog Heaven the pig roasters we have been using for the several years are booked for that day. We have a new food vender Kurt Pitsch thank  you Debbie Smith for finding him. The menu is a whole roasted pig with BBQ baked beans, green chili mac and cheese, cole slaw, potato salad rolls and butter, cake, apple crisp, BBQ sauce, cold beverages and plate, napkins, plastic ware. Tickets are $25 for members and significant others, Michigan brewers Guild members. For nonmembers add $5 to make it $30 and if you wait to buy them at the door also add $5. Shared responsibilities: Gate board members, looking for some to get water and  snacks, Beer dispense in Alec Mull. Disc golf game will start at 10:30 am. Sponsors so far are Founders, Capital Draft, Enerco, Michigan Beer Guide and Mid Country Malt. The date for this year is July 9, 2011.
Marty is going to look into the World Expo of beer sponsorship.

Meeting was adjoined at 3:35pm by Rex Halfpenny