​General Meeting - October 21, 2010

​Kuhnhenn Brewing Company
Warren, MI

Meeting Minutes

  1. Minutes read and accepted from 3/25/10
  2. Eric Kuhnhenn, treasurers report
    1. Checking account: $9056.07
    2. Cd total: $8277.05
    3. Savings account: $5003.56
  3. John Mallet, B.O.G. report:
    1. MBAA national conference in Providence, R.I. was last BOG meeting
    2. Lots of discussion in that meeting regarding Ray Klimovitz departure and the installation of a new technical director.
    3. Karl Ockert has accepted position as the new technical director.
    4. A significant raise was issued in pay rate for this technical director position. It appears as if Ray Klimovitz was intentionally working below rate.
    5. John Mallet believes Karl Ockert will be positive force for the MBAA
    6. The BOG also discussed possible overlaps between the Brewers Association, MBAA and ASBC – how do these entities work together?
    7. Interested in how appropriation of new funds will work due to the significant pay raise for Technical Directors position.
    8. Next BOG meeting is coming up next week.
  4. Old Business
    1. July was 9th annual pig roast
      1. Total rev. generated was: $6139
      2. Net revenue was: $4166.81
      3. Scholarship expense: $2500
      4. After all expenses we netted $2300
      5. How do you win the scholarship?
        1. Come to meetings – each meeting gets you an entry
        2. Each ticket to pig roast you sell garners you an entry
        3. Must be an active member paid up to date
        4. Need to be present at the pig roast
    2. Winter Conference
      1. To be held at the Kalamazoo Radisson
      2. January 12 – 14, 2011
      3. The MBAA is responsible for technical presentations again
      4. Topics to be considered:
        1. Raw Materials
          1. Hop Crop
          2. Grain Report
        2. Keg washing/management
        3. CO2 generation
          1. Quality control
          2. How does it come into being
        4. Prioritizing steps for quality control/assurance
          1. What are the 10 things that need to be done to run a successful base line q.c/q.a. program (or whatever the number is).
        5. Plus those topics listed in the Board Meeting minutes
  5. New business
    1. Elections
      1. Rex Halfpenny will be nominated for President
      2. Eric Kuhnhenn will be nominated For Vice President
      3. John Haggerty will be nom for Treasurer
      4. Secretary nominations
        1. Ken Belau
        2. Debbie Smith
      5. John Mallet nominated for BOG rep.
      6. All nominations must be in by Nov. 17
      7. All ballots will be mailed by Nov. 24th
      8. All ballots must be returned by Dec 17th
      9. We will include a self addressed stamped envelope returnable to Marty Rapnicki w/all ballots
      10. New board will be installed during the Winter Conference
  6. Meeting dates for 2011:
    1. Winter conference January 12 – 14 at the Kalamazoo Radisson
    2. March 10th – host will be Red Salamander, maybe tour the OI plant
    3. October 27 – host will be Red Wood Lodge
    4. July 9th – summer Social at Fitzgerald Park
      1. Karl Glarner will start to investigate reserving the park for that date.
    5. MBAA District Michigan will pick up the tip for servers (starting today) at all host locations
    6. What is keeping people from wanting to host the meeting?
      1. Reasons cited:
        1. No facility (no room)
        2. Have to clear it with boss and have not investigated it prior to attending meetings.
  7. Craft Brewers Conference
    1. Sponsored MBAA suite last year (200.00)
    2. Do we want to do it again this year in San Francisco? Yes but only 100.00
    3. John Mallet will discuss the possibility of National shipping beer out to San Francisco.
  8. Alec wants to bring up the notion of a stipend to the board members in order to cover costs for participation. And would like to extend a thanks in general to everyone who participates
  9. Mid-Michigan Beer Festival @ Lumber Baron’s
    1. Drew 300 people last year
    2. Most beer was sold out
    3. Can we get some other breweries there?
      1. How do we get more participation
      2. Don’t have to be there physically
        1. If Lumber Baron’s has to buy beer then there is a table fee of $250
        2. If beer is donated then there is no fee
        3. Last year Lumber Baron’s donated $430 to MBAA which was derived from this event.
  10. Karl Glarner review of last years Brewing and Malting Science course
    1. CD rom of all the power points from the course
    2. Willing to share copies
    3. All speakers were open to questions etc.
    4. Briess tour was awesome
    5. Exposure to new technologies
    6. Karl felt that there was lots of larger brewery perspective
    7. Generally felt it was valuable experience
  11. Recognition of new members
    1. Josh Davies from Arcadia
  12. Thank You Marty for you years of service to the MBAA!
  13. Konrad suggests that tickets for the pig roast be available by the March meeting.
    Date to be reserved by winter mtg (Karl Glarner)
    Tickets will be available by March
  14. Brett Kuhnhenn – if we want to see how well water is processed we can get a tour at Detroit City Water plant. Brett has a contact there and they have offered to take us through.

Meeting closed

Adjourned 3:44