​General Meeting - March 25, 2010

​Waldorff Pub and Brewery
Hastings, MI

Meeting Minutes

Meeting brought to order by Marty Rapnicki @ 10:45

General Business:

  1. John Haggerty, Secretary, read the minutes from the 1/15/10 meeting. They were accepted.
  2. Eric Kuhnhenn, Treasurer, submitted the following report:
    1. Lumber Baron’s donation of $430.00 – from the Mid-Michigan beer festival.
    2. National dues check for $320.00
    3. Checking account: 6310.25
    4. Savings account: 5002.00
    5. CD: 8265.00
    6. Total: 19577.25
  3. John Mallet, Board of Governor’s report:
    1. Received many interested email returns that have sparked further debate at the national level. The BOG will be discussing this with the Exec. Committee at the next committee meeting. The BOG will discuss this further at the next BOG meeting at the national convention.
      1. How do we bring value to the members
      1. Podcast some of the Tech seminars from the national convention.
      2. Burn the above idea onto cd’s to be presented to chapters or individuals. Sync it with the actual powerpoint presentation.
  4. Marty Rapnicki, Presidents report:
    1. We need new speaker gift ideas – needs to be 20 or less
      1. Peter Blum history of Michigan Brewing – Ken Belau
    2. we are registered for the Brewing and Malting course scholarship with national.