Iron Brewer Competition - September 30, 2010, 14:00


John Labatt Hall, Labatt Corporate Offices, 2nd floor
Queens Quay Terminal Building, #207 Queen's Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
The Queen's Quay Terminal building is located on Queens Queen West Street on the waterfront at the base of York
Ave, immediately east of the Harbourfront Centre building and immediately west of the Second Cup coffee house.
Labatt offices are located in the 2nd floor of building and are accessed via an escalator. The escalator is located in the
south atrium of the building
Parking: Unfortunately all parking lots in area are at a cost. Closest lot is immediately adjacent the QQ terminal
building on the west side. There are other lots on both sides of Queen's Quay street going eastward.




Iron Brewer Contestant Presentations:
Darren Smith
Quinton Vanadriehem
Matt Letki
Mike Duggan
Steve Stradiotto
Matt O'Hara
Jamie McGregor
Adrian Popowycz
Jonathan Crawshaw
Deborah Wood
George Eagleson
John Gadsden
James Yii-Jen
Tien Paul Dickey
Jamie Mistry





We strongly advise use of public transportation or shared transportation with a designated driver; or take advantage of a taxi and the many hotels in the area, and spend the evening nearby. Please do not drink and drive.

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