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​New England is home to a rich cross section of the brewing industry these days, and our district’s membership is a reflection of that diversity. Our members span the continuum of brewery size and complexity, and each brings unique perspective and value to our gatherings. From the technical wizardry and know-how of the folks at Anheuser-Busch in Merrimack, NH to the creativity and flexibility of the many pub brewers who have joined our ranks, the brewers who make up District New England offer a huge variety of perspectives, which makes our meetings fun and informative for all involved. If you brew in New England and have wondered what the MBAA is all about we’d like to invite you to join us for a meeting as our guest: guaranteed you’ll enjoy the atmosphere!


The history of the MBAA - District New England has proven to be elusive. The research of the district will be an ongoing work in progress. Records and information have been difficult to ascertain. We will piece together New England's story over time.
The district was dissolved in 1978. When was the district born, what happened prior to 1978 and why did the district become inactive? Was there a district in the 1980's and early 1990's? In 1995 the district was reborn. Richard Young, a brewer and active member within District Northern California, moved east with his family and was interested in transferring his MBAA membership. While setting up shop at the Cape Cod Brew House in Hyannis, MA., Richard soon discovered that there was no New England chapter of the MBAA.
Richards' passion for brewing and his realization that there was a "similar dichotomy in the New England brewing scene to that of District Northern California", spurred his enthusiasm for re-chartering the New England district. He began his efforts by soliciting the national association for information regarding the history of the chapter and what had to be done to apply for active status. After months of writing letters, the association responded and outlined what was involved in the activation process. Richard contacted a number of prominent brewers in New England that were professional members and enlisted their assistance to reorganize the district. The application was accepted in the fall of 1995 by the national association. Ron Vogel, president of the MBAA, and his staff joined members at the Boston Beer Company in Boston, MA for the inaugural meeting in September of 1995.
The district saw a resurgence in membership and involvement starting in 1995, under the guidance of David Hollows, Stephen Mason and Richard Young. During late 1997 through 1999 the district struggled through industry shakeout and leadership turnover. Again through the efforts of Richard Young and other members the district took shape. The district was elevated to new levels of professionalism in 2000 as it was led by a new slate of officers: Al Marzi, Bob Johnson and Travis Audet. District New England is flourishing at the present with consistent leadership and thriving membership.
If anyone has information about the New England District prior to 1994, please contact us so we can continue to complete our history!



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