​Emmett's Brewing Company  - March 15, 2012

Master Brewers Association of the Americas District Milwaukee Meeting Notice

Thursday - March 15, 2012

District Milwaukee General Meeting & Membership Drive

Hospitality, Meeting, Presentation & Tour(s) from 4:30 to ~ 7:00 pm at:

Emmett's Brewing Company  110 North. Brockway Street

Palatine, Illinois

Dinner: $25.00/Member - Membership Drive Guest Meals are Comped



Yes, there are requirements for the membership drive- see below.

Bus: $25.00/Member & Guest(s) - 25 Passengers Required or Bus Will Be Cancelled

Please make your dinner reservations by Monday, March 12th.

Reservations can be made by 'reply all' to this e-mail or by phone.



John Kretsch at 414-357-8515 ext. 106 or via e-mail at jkretsch@acechem.com

Gretchen Wilson-Kalav at 815-789-4568 or via e-mail at abbiedupree@gmail.com

Jerry Hilton at 262-781-6100 or via e-mail at hilton268@wi.rr.com

Please reserve your meal if you plan to attend. We must be able to give an accurate head count to Emmett's.

Rules for Membership Drives:

Guests of our members must be involved in the brewing industry (brewery, vendor, etc.).

Guest names and affiliations are to be submitted, prior to the dinner, by the members. (Yes, we make a list.)

Unaccompanied guests must supply the name of their host and the host must verify the guest prior to the meeting.

(We understand having the flu and last minute member cancellations.)

If taking the bus, guests (or their hosts) will be required to pay the guest's bus fee.

If your plans do change - contact John Kretsch or Gretchen Wilson-Kalav.


Dinner Menu (Plated Meals)

Freshly Baked Bread with Butter

Caesar Salad

Cilantro-Lime Marinated Grilled Prime Flank Steak with Ancho Chili Demi Glace

(Tasty - Not Too Spicy nor Hot 'Palate-wise')

Baked Potato and Mixed Vegetables

(If you want dessert, you're on your own but make sure you bring enough for the whole class,)


Schedule of Events:

4:00 pm - Bus leaves Miller Brewery. (Don't be late as John says the bus leaves at 4:00 pm SHARP!)

5:00 pm - ~ 6:30pm - Hospitality and Tour

6:30 - 7:00pm - General Meeting

7:00 - ~ 7:30 - Technical Session Presentation

Speaker: Jared Rouben - Goose Island Brewpub Brewmaster

Topic: "When Worlds Collide - Chefs & Brewers Can Create a Beer-Oriented Culinary Experience"

Jared Rouben is a Culinary Institute of America graduate and experienced chef turned brewmaster. He will discuss

cooking with beer and how to conduct beer-food pairing for a delicious culinary experience.

~7:30 - ~9:30pm - Dinner and Lively Conversation