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On behalf of the membership of MBAA District Milwaukee, thank you for your interest in our district! We are MBAA's Heritage District, and for good reason; there is no other city in the country that can claim the same rich brewing history as Milwaukee. But as you'll soon find, Milwaukee is a thoroughly modern city with a thriving beer culture. As a district, we embrace our rich past while at the same time fostering camaraderie between industry members in the present and with an eye on the future!

Right in the heart of Milwaukee you can find the sprawling complexes of the Blatz, Schlitz and Pabst breweries. These were true giants in their heyday, as brands and as brewing facilities. All three are seeing new life as offices, restaurants and hotels. Go a little farther west and you'll find the MillerCoors Milwaukee Brewery - a facility with its own rich history but a vibrant and modern brewery in its own right! We are proud of our heritage and proud to have many district members both young and old from the large breweries.

Milwaukee and the surrounding region is also home to a thriving craft brewing community. New Glarus Brewing Company, Goose Island, Half Acre and others in Chicago, Ale Asylum and Capital Brewery in Madison, and Milwaukee's own Sprecher and Lakefront Breweries, just to name a few. The craft brewing industry is in an exciting time of incredible growth, and District Milwaukee has members from many of these fine companies.

One thing about the Milwaukee area that's always amazed me are the sheer number and variety of supporting industries that are local. From malt to packaging machinery to tanks and valves and pumps: if you need something to make beer, there's a great chance you can find it close by. ​

Milwaukee may be one of the best places in the country to experience such a blend of new and old in the brewing industry. It's not uncommon at our District Meetings for industry veterans from Pabst or Schlitz to share openly with 20-something craft brewers. On a recent Old Timers Night, we tallied the years of experience in the room and found nearly 700 years of combined industry experience among 30-odd people. As a young craft brewer myself, I feel privileged to have this wealth of experience to draw from and a chance to hear the stories of our members.

Our meetings are at once social and technical, usually involve dinner and are held at various breweries, restaurants and other interesting venues. We welcome visitors at any of our meetings, so even if you're not already a District member, please check our calendar for details on upcoming events!

We also welcome new members to the District! If you work in the brewing industry, or any of the many supporting industries in and around Chicago, Milwaukee and Madison, and are interested in becoming a member of MBAA District Milwaukee, please contact us at mbaa.milwaukee@gmail.com.

Enjoy browsing our website, and hopefully we'll see you at a Milwaukee District meeting soon!


Andy Jones
Past President (2013) - MBAA District Milwaukee
Lakefront Brewery, Inc.


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