Krones, Inc. Franklin, WI - January 19, 2012

Officers Present:

  • Kris Kalav
  • Mike Scanzello
  • Tom Volke
  • Gretchen Kalav
  • John Kretsch
  • Andy Jones
  • Jerry Hilton
  • Randy Thiel
  • Erin Eller
  • Joe Walts

Officers Absent:

  • Andy Jones
Randy called the meeting to order and welcomed everybody to Krones, USA. and thanked them for their hospitability and tours. Also thanks to Ale Asylum, Minhas, New Glarus and MillerCoors for providing the evening's beverages.
  • Secretary's Report (Erin Eller):

  • Presented the minutes from the previous meeting which were seconded and accepted.

President's Report (Randy Thiel):

  • Penny Pickart will begin to work with Tom V. on the finances
  • The 2012 Midwest Technical Conference will be held in Milwaukee; ideas for technical presentations are highly encouraged
  • The date for MTC has been moved to August 10th (the Friday before Great Taste of the Midwest) with a golf outing planned on the 9th
  • Exact location has not yet been determined Treasurer's Report (Tom Volke):
  • 31 people took the bus to New Glarus
  • The New Glarus meeting had a net gain of $50
  • $500 was donated by the district towards the MBAA CBC hospitality suite.
  • District Checking Acct @ $5,325.00, Savings @ $23,878.00 for a total of $29,203
  • Savings interest = $295 in January 2012 and investments through RBC Wealth Management = $193 in interest. Tom will send info to Penny and see what other investment options they can come up with.

P.R. Report (Gretchen Kalav and Jerry Hilton):

  • Thanks to Krones
  • Thanks to John Kretsch and Jamie Martin for sending e‐mails to the WI and IL Brewers Guilds inviting members to the meeting
  • They plan on doing another e‐mail for the March meeting, which also happens to be a membership drive
  • Gretchen is looking into why our last meeting minutes were not uploaded to the MBAA website
  • and will put photos up on the site
  • She apologized for some of the delays in getting details out about this meeting ‐ holidays and
  • business of the season made it difficult to work around Arrangements Report (John Kretsch & Gretchen Kalav):
  • Next meeting will be March 15 at Emmett's in Palatine, IL
  • There will be a bus if 25 or more sign up; $25/person
  • Dinners for guests interested in joining MBAA will be covered by D. Milwaukee
  • Notices will go out to IL and WI Brewers Guilds
  • Andy is working on the speaker, along with finding speakers for the Tech Conference in August
  • No date set for May meeting yet
  • Jerry will do a heritage display

Membership Report (Joe Walts):

  • Nine new members joined since last meeting:
  • Lynn Agate (EP Minerals)
  • Daniel Cleveland (Blue Cat Brew Pub)
  • Raj Chauhan (Prairie Krafts)
  • John Stahl (Applied Technologies)
  • Grant Pauly (3 Sheeps Brewing Co.)
  • Christopher Dieckman (Milport Enterprises)
  • Michael Skroblin (Krones)
  • Tim Raymond (Krones)
  • Dan Soish (Krones)
  • District Governor's Report (Mike Scanzello):
  • There are IBD Exam Review courses being held March 5‐9 and March 12‐16 at the SCISOC headquarters.
  • MBAA 2012 Packaging Course 4/29‐5/10
  • WBC in Portland 7/28‐8/1; book your hotel rooms!

Old Business: None

New Business:

  • There was a moment of silence to honor Gavin Hansen who passed away from cancer.
  • Rebecca Jennings (National) has solicited for MBAA hospitality suite donations. In 2011, MBAA District Milwaukee donated $500 but did not receive a receipt. Bill L. was also concerned about where the $500 comes from and feels we should make some further investments to cover costs such as these. The topic was tabled and will be brought up at the March meeting. Mike will look into what other districts are contributing as well.
  • There was also concern over the fact that the BA is forcing MBAA to hold their suite outside of the host hotel. Jerry mentioned that about 10 years ago, there was an agreement made for the BA and MBAA to cooperate on events such as these. Gary Luther volunteered to contact the BA and see what the issue is. It was suggested that National give this topic some attention as well.
  • Randy reminded everyone the objective of the MBAA Hospitality Suite‐ to spread the good word of MBAA and potentially gain new members.
  • All topics for CBC were tabled and will be discussed at the March meeting.
The meeting was adjourned, followed by a Technical Presentation given by Fred Sheer of Krones on the Combicube Brewhouse, as well as an overview of Krones presented by Michael Skorblin. This was followed by a tour of the Krones facility after which we departed for dinner at the Hideaway Pub & Eatery.