Minhas Craft Brewery - January 20, 2011

Another "Drag a Colleague to Dinner" Night

District Milwaukee General Meeting and New Membership Drive

Minhas Craft Brewery, 1208 14th Avenue Monroe, WI

Dinner: $25.00/Person
Invited Guests - See Details Below
Bus: $25.00/Person (Sorry, no one rides for free.)


The bus has been reserved BUT REQUIRES A MINIMUM OF 20 PEOPLE or it will be CANCELLED.
The route will be highway 43 to Monroe.
TAKE THE BUS!!!!! THANK YOU (in advance)!!!

Please make your dinner reservations by Monday, January 17th.
Contact John Kretsch at 414-357-8515 ext. 106 or via e-mail at jkretsch@acechem.com
Gretchen Wilson-Kalav at 815-789-4568 or via e-mail at abbiedupree@gmail.com

Please reserve your meal if you plan to attend. We must be able to give an accurate head count to Turner Hall, especially if a colleague will be joining you for dinner that evening. (New member thing - details below.)
 If your plans do change - contact John Kretsch and/or Gretchen Wilson-Kalav.


1) Invite a colleague, co-worker or associate to the District Milwaukee General Meeting and Dinner.

2) Guest must be associated with the industry in some capacity - brewing, vendor, sales rep., etc and interested in MBAA.

3) The guest will receive a free MEAL for their attendance and interest. (And, be handed an application at the door.)

4) Family and friends are excluded from this offer, unless they are working within the industry as mentioned above.

5) The guest's name and affiliation must be given at the time of the dinner reservation for accurate recordkeeping.

6) Please reserve your guest's dinner as walk-ins may miss out - makes for a bad impression... (Don't want that!)

7) Again, reservations due by Monday - January 17, 2011.


Schedule of Events:

4:00 pm - Bus departs Miller Brewing Company (West parking lot. North side of State Street, just east of 46th Street.)

5:00 pm - Hospitality at Minhas Craft Brewery

6:30 pm - District Milwaukee Business Meeting

7:00 pm - Visiting the awesome Herb and Helen Haydock Beer Museum. (Self-guided but you can drink beer.)

7:30 pm - Family-Style Dinner, Minhas Beer and Lively Conversation at Turner Hall

*You may have noticed, a guest speaker has not been schedule and that's on purpose. The Haydock Beer Museum truly speaks for itself and will definitely keep you well occupied. (If you have visited the museum already, you get to sit and drink more beer or take a short tour of the brewery - either way it's a win-win situation!)

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