Lowell Hall - University of Wisconsin Campus - November 11, 2011

District Milwaukee General Meeting and Election of Officers

MBAA 2010 Brewing & Malting Science Course Graduation and Dinner

Lowell Hall - University of Wisconsin Campus
610 Langdon Street
Madison, Wisconsin

Dinner: $25.00/person
*Bus: Depends on YOU!

*We need a MINIMUM of 20 PEOPLE to make the bus reservation worthwhile.
Otherwise, you're on your own... Just sayin'... There's beer... Only $25.00/person...

*Why drive when you can ride?! And, there's BEER!

Please make your dinner reservations by Friday, November 5th. Contact John Kretsch at 414 357-8515 ext. 106 or via e-mail at jkretsch@acechem.com Penny Pickart at 800-657-0806 ext. 145 or via e-mail at penny.pickart@briess.com

Please reserve your meal if you plan to attend. We must be able to give an accurate head-count to the Lowell Center Kitchen in order to be able to feed everyone and to keep your organization within budget. Lowell Center is not a restaurant so unexpected extra meals may not be available. (Just a heads-up.) If your plans do change - contact John Kretsch and/or Penny Pickart.

Schedule of Events:

4:30 pm

Hospitality at the Lowell Center

5:30 pm

District Milwaukee Business Meeting

6:00 - 7:00pm

Special Session Presentation:
Speakers: Ray Klimovitz and Karl Ockert - MBAA Technical Directors
Topic: "Changing of the Guard"
PR Comment: Honestly, I cannot say exactly how this evening will play out at the moment. What I do know is that we will be bidding farewell to Ray Klimovitz, who has served as MBAA's Technical Director for the past 11 years. We will also be welcoming in Karl Ockert as the new Technical Director. It will be fun, informative and there will be beer. Please join us in celebrating Ray's retirement and Karl's installation as the Royal T.D. Tap Handle of Knowledge is passed from one hand to another - over a cold brew, of course.

7:00 pm

Dinner and Graduation Ceremony

Driving Directions From East of Madison (Milwaukee)
Take I-94 West and continue straight when the Interstate 94 exits north at Exit 240 near Madison. Follow Wisconsin Highway 30 (which is Commercial Avenue) into Madison. Exit to US 151 East Washington Avenue (State Capitol exit; on ramp is under East Washington Avenue; exit loops around and up). Follow Washington Avenue, turn right on First Street, then left on Johnson Street at the stop lights. Johnson Street will become Gorham Street. Continue on E. Gorham Street until it curves and turns into University Avenue near the UW campus. From University Avenue, turn right onto Lake Street. The Pyle Center is on ahead on your left on the corner of Lake Street and Langdon Street.

The Lowell Center is one block east of The Pyle Center, also on Langdon Street. Turn left at Francis Street to access the parking area at the rear of the building. There is a parking ramp off Lake Street just south of State Street.

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