​Dells Brewing Company - September 24, 2010

MBAA District Milwaukee Meeting
Moosejaw Pizza / Dells Brewing Co, Wisconsin Dells
Friday, September 24, 2010
Start: 6:00 pm End: 6:45 pm

Officers Present:

  • Kris Kalav
  • Gretchen Kalav
  • Mary Pelletieri
  • Mike Scanzello
  • Andy Jones
  • John Kretsch
  • Tom Eplett

Kris called the meeting to order and gave thanks to Moosejaw Pizza / Dells Brewing Co for hosting us. Also thanked those who braved the elements on Coldwater Canyon Golf Course for the annual golf outing.

Secretary's Report (given by Andy Jones standing in for Randy Thiel)

  • Presented the minutes from previous meeting which were seconded and accepted.
  • Treasurer's Report Not Given

    Finance Report Not Given

    P.R. Report (Gretchen Kalav)

    • Notice of Midwest Technical Conference has been sent out – noted that attendees must print out a form and mail it in
    • We will not be holding a concurrent meeting in the Twin Cities, instead the November meeting will be at the Brewing and Malting class graduation at the Lowell Center on the UW campus in Madison
      • Note that this will also be Ray Klimovitz's last session and a welcome for Karl Ockert as the new MBAA Technical Director
      • Notice of this meeting will be dispatched soon.
      • Note that this meeting is also one week earlier than usual.

    Membership Report (Andy Jones)

    • Noted that dues for 2011 will not be increased, including free-of-charge for retirees.
    • New Members for:
      • Suzanne Thompson of MillerCoors
      • Christopher Robert Doubek of BTAP
    • June:
      • Paul Anetekhai of AEP Building Consultants
      • Mark Schmidt of USDA ARS
      • Ian Maccan of Malteurop
      • Donn Schmidt of Basic Chemical Solutions
      • Nicholas Landers of Lakefront Brewery
      • Fernando Viso of MillerCoors
      • Eric Hintz
    • July:
      • Joel Michael Becker of Goose Island Brewing Co.
    • August:
      • Brian Freiburger

    National Technical Committee Report (Mary Pelletieri)

    • Subcommittees have been appointed to look at oral presentations / workshops for this year's Midwest tech convention in Minneapolis Nov. 5th and 6th.
      • New are an education workshop and more deep knowledge review
    • New member on the board – Jen Tally of Squatters Brewpub
    • New Technical Director – Karl Ockert – will be at next dist. meeting

    District Governor Report (Mike Scanzello)

    • BOG Meeting was in Providence in June during the convention
      • Exec. Committee very discouraging on making the TQ access free for retirees
      • It was noted to BOG that though the TQ online saves $50000 in print costs per year, it also loses $60000 in lost ad revenue
      • Mary P noted that ASBC still prints and charges members for delivery but considers it a value add for members that can't attend meetings
      • Mike noted that libraries also used to use the TQ as a reference and paid for that service so there is more lost revenue
      • It was also noted that fewer people seem to be submitting articles as it is not in print
      • Tom E. noted that since the electronic format contains peer-reviewed articles, printing them to give access to members may be a copyright violation
      • Kris proposed contacting other district presidents to try and get consensus for providing access or putting the TQ back in print since there seems to be lost revenue there anyway.
      • Tom E. noted that the meeting did not have quorum but the BOG representatives could bring it up to the board again on Sept. 27
    • In other BOG business a new board was approved, membership for all MBAA is up, District Europe was voted in and MBAA was approved to offer the IBD Exams and is offering a prep course for them

    New Business

    • Kris will be contacting other districts regarding equal access to the TQ for retirees and lost revenue due to the change in TQ format

    Technical Presentation by James Altwies of Gorst Valley Hops

    • A background of growing hops in Wisconsin and the mission and vision of Gorst Valley.