Annual Conference Best Poster Award

This award is evaluated and presented at the Master Brewers Annual Conference to recognize technical excellence in poster presentations.

2013 Recipients

Congratulations to the entire Technische Universität Berlin Research Team:
  • Thomas Kunz
  • Frank-Jürgen Methner
  • Christof Reinhardt
  • Constanze Ruff
  • Jan O. Schneidereit
For their suite of posters:
  • P-57. "Inhibition of oxidative aging compounds in beer using active packing material vs. SO2-addition"
  • P-58. "Application of gallotannins to prevent gushing in beer and carbonated beverages"
  • P-59. "Gallotannins—A useful tool to improve colloidal and oxidative beer stability"
Note that you must purchase the 2013 Annual Conference Proceedings to view the posters

Honorable mentions go to
  • P-61. "A review of the cost analysis of iso-octane regeneration for re-use in beer bitterness analysis." Benjamin Bailey, Troegs Brewing Co. - View Abstract
  • P-74. "Engineering a biosensor to detect a secreted yeast protease in beer." Matthew Farber, University of the Sciences - View Abstract