​How to Upload to the District Presentations Archives

District Officers, share the hard work of your presenters by uploading the presentations from your district meeting to the District Presentations Archives. Please follow the steps below or follow this video tutorial.

​Note: the District Presentation Archives are for technical content. Please do not upload minutes, scholarships, presentations related to district business, or event photos. We encourage you to upload these to your District Community.

Only current District Officers can upload to the District Presentations Archives. 

Pre-Upload Step: Convert All PowerPoints to PDF

Not everyone has access to Microsoft Office, so saving all PowerPoint files as PDF will make sure they are more universally accessible.

To convert the .ppt or .pptx files into PDFs, open each file in PowerPoint. Then, select "Save As" and chose "PDF" as the file type. Different versions of PowerPoint may look different from the version depicted.

You may also upload audio files to the archives (mp3, mp4, etc.).

Step 1: Log in to District Presentations Archives

Go to the District Presentations Archives page here. The archives are accessable on the main navigation under Meetings.

If you are not already logged into the website, you will be prompted to log in. 




Step 2: Site Actions: View All Site Content

In the upper left corner of the browser page, you should see "Site Actions." Click on Site Actions to open the dropdown menu, then click on "View All Site Content."

If you are an active District Officer but you do not see "Site Actions" on the very upper left corner of the webpage, please contact us.

Step 3: Access District Presentations Library

You will be taken to a screen that shows the structure of the website. Click on "DistrictPresentations" to enter the "District Presentations" Document Library.



 Step 4: Select Upload Document

On the ribbon on top of the document library, click on the "Documents" tab under "Library Tools." Then, click on the on "Upload New Document" icon.


Step 5: Upload

The page will gray out and a small window will appear in the browser. Click "Browse" to select your PDF from your computer, then "OK" to upload.

Depending on the file size, it may take a few minutes for the file to upload.

Step 6: Fill Out the Document Information

Fill out the following fields:
  • Document Name (required) - No need to change.
  • Title - This will be the name the item is listed under on the website. We recommend using the presentation title and author last name. e.g., Confined Spaces (Jaeggi/Godfrey)
  • District Name (required) - Use the dropdown to select the District that hosted the event.
  • Event Start Date - Select the start date of the event (MM/DD/YYYY)
  • Event Title (required)- List the title of the event where the presentation was given
  • Presentation Category (required)- Select the category most closely fitting the content of the presentation.
If you are uploading multiple presentations from the same event, make sure the Event Title and Event Start Date are the same across all uploads to ensure they are listed in the same group on the district-sorted archive

Once all information is entered, click SAVE

You're Done!

Your file will be automatically populated in all lists in the District Presentations Archives. You can check by District here and by Category here.

Recommended Step: Notify Your District

Your presentation will be announced in the weekly Mash update, but we recommend also posting a notification on your District Community.
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