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2017 Master Brewers Conference
97. Review of active dry yeast and its real shelf life and consistency for breweries

Kevin Lane, Fermentis, Milwaukee, WI, U.S.A.

Yeast, Fermentation, and Microbiology

Active dry yeast (ADY) is an attractive and easy-to-use tool for beer production and/or diversification in today’s breweries. ADY is an extremely important tool for the craft brewing industry to minimize the chance for infection and continuously produce consistent beer without the need for expensive equipment and additional personnel. Starting in 1996, studies have been conducted comparing lager and ale ADY to freshly propagated yeast (Fels et al. 1996), its application in craft and industrial brewing (Debourg and Van Nedervelde 1999; S. van den Berg and Van Landschoot 2003), and its uses for primary and bottle fermentations (Gosselin 2012). Results from these studies show the equivalencies that ADY bring to breweries around the world. Recently, information was presented showing the consistency and real shelf life, furthering our understanding of ADY and its usefulness in today’s beer production (Gosselin et al. 2017). The purpose of this presentation is to review the results from different independent studies on the production, performance, and consistency of ADY and its real shelf life (at least three years) across different strains and batches. Fermentation kinetics, attenuation levels, and sensory profiles will confirm the consistency that ADY offers for breweries.

Kevin Lane has been working in brewing-related industries for more than a decade for both suppliers (Briess Malt and Fermentis) and as a pilot brewer for MillerCoors. Kevin is currently the technical sales manager of the United States and Canada for Fermentis yeast.

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