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2017 Master Brewers Conference
74. Fairview—A varietal database to better integrate agricultural, brewing, and malting needs

Marie Jane Fallourd, Malteurop Group, Reims, France

Coauthor(s): Pierre Osché, Malteurop Group, Reims, France

Malt and Grains

Varietal selection is key to all levels of the barley-malt-beer chain: to the farmers, high yielding varieties of malting quality; to the brewers, varieties meeting brewing functionalities and expectations; and to the maltsters, good processing abilities. Fairview, a proprietary and internal varietal database developed by Malteurop, is a tool to better monitor the variety selection and development. This poster will present how Fairview is able to improve the reliability of data, fasten varietal selection to select top varieties, and go further in the understanding of brewing and malting parameters as well as how it is possible to understand the impact of different levers such as pedoclimatic conditions.

Marie Jane Fallourd graduated from Polytech Montpellier as an engineer in food science and technology. She recently consolidated her skills in innovation strategy management at the Scandinavian International Management Institute (SIMI) in Copenhagen and in marketing at HEC. Since 1993, Marie Jane has acquired extensive international food business-to-business experience in companies with a strong innovation culture and customer-solutions orientation: Döhler, FMC, DuPont-Danisco, and Diana, suppliers in the IFP (intermediate food products) and functional and health ingredients areas. She set up R&D application pilots and managed product development and technical marketing sales support teams for international customers, in particular in the beverages and dairy fields. In late 2012, Marie Jane joined Malteurop as research and innovation (R&I) director to define and implement the group’s R&I strategy. In liaison with the group’s Technical Department, she is in charge of implementing an organization aimed at integrating a horizontal, value-chain approach from varietal research to process and product development in order to better respond to the brewers’ and distillers’ needs as well as diversify applications of malts and their derivatives.

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