2017 Master Brewers Conference
68. Investigations into the effects of freeze concentration on beer aroma

Hunter Bell, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC, U.S.A.

Coauthor(s): Drew Budner, Coastal Carolina University, Conway, SC, U.S.A.

Finishing and Stability

Distribution of large quantities of beer is a high production cost area for manufacturers. Concentrating beer into a compact shipping size could possibly save beer producers on these transportation costs. To investigate the effect on aroma compounds, freeze concentration was performed on various beer samples. The samples of beer were freeze concentrated, sampled using SPME, and analyzed by GCMS to compare the relative amount of several aroma compounds. The rate of freezing the beer appeared to also impact the amount of these aroma compounds. In addition, initial investigation into the changes in these aroma amounts during rehydration was also performed. Further testing could possibly determine freeze concentration as a viable alternative for beer manufacturers.

Hunter Bell is currently a student at Coastal Carolina University majoring in chemistry and engineering.

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