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2017 Master Brewers Conference
65. CO2-free (cold steam vapor) deaeration of water—A new revolutionary degassing technology

Floris Delée, Corosys Kellerworks LLC, Fort Collins, CO, U.S.A.

Coauthor(s): Stefan Meyering, Corosys Kellerworks LLC, Fort Collins, CO, U.S.A.


This revolutionary technology uses cold steam being generated in a high vacuum chamber at the bottom of the extraction column. This presentation explains the patented technology of eliminating the need of a strip gas like CO2 or N2 in the production of deaerated water. This system is interesting for breweries that operate in either high-cost CO2 or low-quality markets. The presentation reviews the first industrial setup as well as its 12-months operational results.

Floris started his career in brewing as an intern at the Alken Maes Breweries in Waarloos, Belgium. During this time, he was also studying to become a brewmaster and brewing engineer in his hometown of Antwerp, Belgium. After completion of his studies, he traveled to the United States to visit friends, when he was offered a brewing position at New Belgium Brewing Company. At the time, New Belgium was a very small craft brewery, producing 3,000 hl of beer/year. Floris also worked as a brewmaster for Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware and as a brewing engineer for the Anton Steinecker Maschinenfabrik, GmbH, in Freising, Germany. This extensive experience led Floris to open his own design and consulting firm, Kathinka Engineering, based in Fort Collins, Colorado. Floris also teaches at Colorado State University’s Fermentation Science and Technology Program. Floris is married to Christine Perich and they live with their children in Fort Collins.

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