2017 Master Brewers Conference
64. High Efficiency Brewing Systems (HEBS)—The craft brewer’s integrated mash filter brewhouse

Daniel Goldwyn, IDD Process and Packaging, Moorpark, CA, U.S.A.

Coauthor(s): Jeff Gunn, IDD Process and Packaging, Moorpark, CA, U.S.A.


In the increasingly crowded craft brewing market, the need for efficiency in resources, utilities, and labor has never been more important. To answer this demand, IDD Process and Packaging has introduced the HEBS, or High Efficiency Brewing System. HEBS is a mash-filter-based semiautomated craft brewhouse designed around maintaining high efficiency throughout the brewing process. Under a standard production schedule, HEBS is capable of knocking out a brew every two hours. Explanations of various elements of the HEBS, including mash filtration, HMI control, strip milling, and PID control are explored and discussed. A cost comparison between a 20 hL HEBS and a four-vessel 30 BBL conventional brewhouse is also presented.

Daniel Goldwyn is the brewery projects engineer at IDD Process and Packaging in Moorpark, California. He graduated from UC Davis in 2016 with a B.S. degree in chemical engineering. After learning the ropes of the craft industry at Rubicon Brewing Company in Sacramento, California, he figured out that he liked beer science more than making the stuff itself. He jumped into the manufacturing side of the industry at IDD in 2017, where he lends his technical edge to designing process equipment and brewing systems for the craft market.

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