2017 Master Brewers Conference
19. How RFID can improve your keg management and your beer quality and save you money on top!

Simon Arch, AEG Identifikationssysteme GmbH, Ulm, Germany

Thursday, October 12
3:30–5:15 p.m.
Imperial Salon B

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) will be one of the key technologies for logistics in the future. With more than 7 million kegs equipped with RFID transponders in more than 80 breweries, AEG ID presents the benefits and ROI calculation based on the “Return on invest for a RFID-based keg identification system in the German brewery industry," done by the Research Institute for Management and Beverage Logistic (FIM) of VLB Berlin, Germany. The study provides a quantification of economic potentials of RFID systems for container identification. AEG ID showcases answers to the crucial questions such as: how many kegs do I own, where are my kegs, when do I need to maintain the keg, what deposit is on this specific keg, when was each keg filled and what is inside, and how can I increase the circulations of my kegs? Learn how you can easily upgrade your existing filling lines with RFID technology that not only helps you to improve your internal processes such as maintenance and production control, but also saves you money within a short time. Based on a calculation tool developed together with all partners in the brewery production process, the experts of AEG ID can provide you the ROI on the RFID investment in your brewery. Interested in upgrading your beer quality and production and logistic processes?

Simon Arch is the global marketing and sales director for AEG ID, Germany. AEG ID has 25 RFID integration for keg tracking inside breweries in cooperation with all major keg and filling line manufacturers. For more then 10 years, Simon and his team have handled project management, ROI calculation, and RFID integration for breweries worldwide. Simon is also responsible for all other sales and marketing operations of AEG ID such as access control, industry and logistics, animal ID, and service and inventory ID.

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