M-79: Speedy Breedy: Rapid and reliable detection of microbial contamination in brewing​

P. A. Gaikwad (1), J. GRIFFIN (1); (1) BACTEST, Cambridge, U.K.


The brewing industry is concerned with possible microbiological contamination that could affect the quality and safety of its products. Traditional microbiological methods for the detection of possible contaminants are reliable but slow. Therefore, any new technology that has the potential to speed up the detection process is of great interest. A rapid detection method would allow the brewer to take more immediate corrective actions. BACTEST has developed a new promising product, Speedy Breedy, a small portable device that consists of a cell respirometer that measures biological gas exchange. Headspace pressure in stirred, sealed vessels containing microbiological cultures is monitored, and pressure changes are linked to cell metabolism. Very low cell numbers can be rapidly grown to detectable levels, with speed of detection being more rapid with higher microbial levels. The device works in situ, is user-friendly, and allows fast detection of microorganisms in liquid samples. BACTEST has approached Campden BRI to evaluate Speedy Breedy and to determine its applicability in the brewing industry.

Preeti A. Gaikwad is the product manager for Speedy Breedy at BACTEST. Preeti’s mission in life is to help brewers across the globe to brew quality beer confidently using Speedy Breedy!

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