M-66: Handling techniques of lightweight cartons

Y. Daigaku (1), K. MIMA (1); (1) Asahi Breweries Ltd, Osaka, Japan


Use of lightweight cartons has gradually been advancing in the packaging industry. Our company has corresponded to the demand for lightweight cartons through fine-tuning based on adjustment techniques of well-trained site operators. The newly introduced lightweight carton has achieved a 25% reduction in paper usage. However, as strength decreases due to the lighter weight, mistakes in taking out cartons and defects in molding occurred in a trial use at a factory, and it was not possible to resolve this situation simply through the adjustment techniques of the site. Therefore, clarifications were made on technical control points when using the lightweight cartons, and the focus was on establishment of technology to stabilize the packaging process. As for the inspection methodology, motion analysis through high-speed video cameras was executed to monitor the removal behavior of the cartons before and after remodeling a wraparound caser. Further, the load on the cartons was numerically analyzed by measuring the acceleration on a carton being removed. Through analysis of the results, it was possible to clarify the control points when handling lightweight cartons. Sharing them in our all factories led to resolution of the problems, and it was possible to manufacture with the use of lightweight cartons. Additionally, adjustment techniques that were visualized through the efforts described above have reduced the problems encountered in the manufacturing process. For the above endeavors, we received the Most Valuable Gold Award at the 48th Packaging Professionals Lecture sponsored by the Japan Packaging Institute and obtained a high evaluation from external organizations after it was reported at the All-Japan Packaging Technology Research Meeting.

Kouji Mima currently works in the Technology Development and Promotion Section at the Suita factory, Production Technology Center, Asahi Breweries, Ltd., Japan.

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