M-57: Segmented filter system—A proven, revolutionary design

F. VERKOELEN (1); (1) Pentair Haffmans, Venlo, Netherlands


Brewers and beverage producers are more concerned than ever about ensuring product and process safety, while keeping an eye on costs and sustainability. Process filters provide users extra safety by filtering out contamination that could harm the product, while protecting the valuable instruments and valves installed in the process line. Filters with segmented filter elements provide many advantages over conventional filters that are equipped with a cartridge. The segmented filter system’s revolutionary design consists of flat filter membranes between segmented stainless-steel discs. This results in a very robust, completely stainless-steel construction that does not damage or age during the life span of the filter. A wide range of applications are covered with only two filter membrane materials: a double-layered 0.2 µm microbial-rated PTFE for sterile filtration of compressed air, ambient air, CO2, O2, N2, and other gasses; and a woven stainless steel for filtration of particles, dust, minerals, and rust, which is available in various pore sizes and allows for 100% particle-free filtration of gas, steam, and water. To cover a wide flow range, the segmented filter elements are modular in design and come in 60, 82, 100, and 140 mm to allow for easy up-and downscaling. This sustainable solution provides total cost of ownership savings of up to 50% due to robust stainless-steel segmented filter elements; easy-to-exchange, cost-effective filter membranes; and reduced inventory and disposal costs. In addition, easy control of filter performance and detection of filter damage offers high filtration security.

Frank Verkoelen studied mechanical engineering at HTS Venlo, finishing in 1982. Frank began working for Haffmans BV in 1984 and has held the following positions: CO2 recovery project engineer; R&D (1987) and R&D manager; product manager for quality control instruments (2001); and senior product manager responsible for sales of QC and in-line equipment. Frank currently is serving as the manager strategic projects for QC and in-line equipment.

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