M-5: Corrosion of process piping and equipment in breweries

E. GORE (1); (1) CSI, Springfield, MO, U.S.A.

Thursday, June 5 - 4:00 p.m.-5:45 p.m.
Level 4, Grand Ballroom

Corrosion of brewery equipment can affect the overall maintenance of a process piping plant, resulting in expensive repair and replacement costs. Interruptions to the production process and increased downtime can significantly increase capital costs as well. From a long-term perspective, being proactive rather than reactive can save time and money for a plant. This review highlights the basic understanding of the different effects of corrosion in the brewery, which can include the pitting of hot-water pipes, cracking of in-service brew kettles, corrosion of chemical tanks, and corrosion of welds that can cause leaks. Learn how to solve these problems by understanding the relationship between the selection of suitable stainless steel and its ability to protect equipment from corrosion. This review describes the different classifications of stainless steel, their characteristics, welding guidelines, and recommendations for proper installation in different corrosive environments. Understanding the differences in diverse grades of stainless steels and their effects on corrosion can be essential in determining the cause of failure and replacing pipes with the right grade of stainless steel.

Eric Gore is a business development leader at CSI with more than 16 years of experience, specializing in food and beverage processing. His role requires extensive knowledge of how material selection and process conditions affect corrosion in process piping and equipment. Eric began his career with CSI as a project/design engineer, building, updating, and optimizing sanitary processing systems. He worked for two years in the auto industry prior to working for CSI. Eric holds a B.S. degree in mechanical design technology from Missouri State University.

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