M-38: An explanation for corrosion in highly efficient stainless-steel tunnel pasteurizers and the options for reducing the corrosive environment and protecting the stainless steel

J. D. DUFF (1), A. Wright (1); (1) FleetwoodGoldcoWyard, St. Louis, MO, U.S.A.

Packaging (Bottles, Draft and Cans)
Saturday, June 7 - 1:00 p.m.-2:45 p.m.
Level 4, State Ballroom

Highly efficient pasteurizers can create corrosion problems even when tunnel pasteurizers are constructed from 304 stainless steel. Total organic carbon (TOC) levels increase over time when pasteurizer water consumption is low, as in the case of highly efficient pasteurizers. This creates a buildup of chloramines that eventually leads to destruction of the oxide layer that protects the stainless steel from corrosion. The vapor areas of the tunnel pasteurizer (areas above the water line or areas not continuously in contact with pasteurizer water) will begin to show signs of corrosion in high-TOC environments. This presentation describes the options available to eliminate or reduce TOC levels and covers the most effective ways to clean and restore the corroded areas of the pasteurizer and recondition those surfaces so they are adequately protected from further degradation.

David Duff has been a member of MBAA since 1982 and has held positions in his local chapter, as well as contributed on the Technical Committee as an organizer and session moderator. He has presented at MBAA Annual Conferences on several occasions, covering brewery pasteurization technologies. David began his career with Labatt Brewing Company in Canada. In 1997 David left Labatt to join forces with the Stroh Brewing Company as director of packaging operations. He now holds the position of North American sales executive with FleetwoodGoldcoWyard, part of the Barry-Wehmiller Group of Companies, where he specializes in brewery process equipment technologies.

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