M-33: Sustainability—From an equipment manufacturer’s standpoint

S. J. O’SULLIVAN (1); (1) Krones, Franklin, WI, U.S.A.

Sustainability II
Saturday, June 7 - 10:00 a.m.-11:45 a.m.
Level 3, Crystal Room

Sustainability should be a major priority for any brewery process equipment supplier. Sustainability goals can be more effectively achieved by developing equipment and processes that reduce energy and media consumption while still delivering outstanding performance and quality. Equipment selection and standards have quite a significant impact on energy and utility consumption, and the role that the equipment manufacturer plays is vital. To draw an analogy with the automotive industry, huge advances in fuel efficiency and emission reductions have been achieved mainly due to product development and research by automotive manufacturers; the same can be said for brewery process equipment manufacturers and the positive impact they can make. Krones has had an “Enviro” program (certified by TUV in Germany) in place since 2008 that establishes an industry standard for machine energy, media efficiency, and eco-friendliness. Under this program project teams analyze the products and systems as they are and then determines what requirements they must meet in terms of performance, resource savings, ergonomics, total cost of ownership, and return on investment. These specifications are incorporated into the entire product development process, from R&D all the way through sales.

Stephen O’Sullivan is brewing processing technology product manager at Krones Inc. in Franklin WI. Stephen has worked at Krones both in Germany and the United States for the past nine years and is a bachelor of engineering graduate of University College Dublin, Ireland.

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